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Sustainability and Digitalization in Jordanian Companies” was the motto of the 7th adapt2job –training implemented at GJU from 18.9.-22.09.2022. Using applied teaching methods and real company applications exposed the students to the digital world and new technologies.

The training was conducted by an experienced adapt2job team in collaboration with business partners from Jordan and GJU’s Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship.

During the Training, Partner company representatives explained to the students what challenges the company will face in the coming years in relation to climate change and the students’ developed solutions for the respective challenge through intensive group work. Through this method, the students learned how to convert theoretical knowledge into practical use. A panel of company representatives evaluated the students’ performance and their solution.

For more information: https://www.adapt2job.com/  

Contact @ GJU Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship: DI-TECH@gju.edu.jo